Some of our Accredited Teachers are available to deliver online lessons.

You can see our team of accredited teachers HERE and a list of those who are available to teach online lessons is below:

Benjamin Jackson - Cello

Catherine Carr - Guitar

Craig Went - Guitar and ukulele

Gareth Lloyd - Singing

Gina Walters - Singing

Hannah Smalley - Clarinet, flute and recorder

James Barnett - Piano

James Cutts - Guitar

Jill Vincent - Flute, piano and recorder

Joe Green - Drums

Judith Jessop-Ward - Flute

Julie Doubleday - Viola, violin and piano

Kim Storr - Clarinet, piano and saxophone

Laura Beavers - Clarinet, flute and saxophone

Liz Hanks - Cello

Matt Jackson - Drums

Nicola Beasley - Fiddle, piano and violin

Paul Hawksworth - Guitar

Phillipe Clegg - Bass guitar and piano

Rebecca Francis - Violin

Sarah Heneghan - Drum

Tim Page - French horn

All lessons are to be arranged directly with the teacher.

Safeguarding is our top priority. And this is particularly important for online learning.

Here are our top tips: 

  • The safety of our pupils and teachers is TOP priority.
  • online lessons should NOT be delivered using the online accounts of young people – all contact should be through the account of an appropriate adult (parent / carer etc)
  • Parents and carers should give written permission (email) to the teacher to deliver online lessons
  • The pupil should be in a family room – e.g. living room
  • at the start of each lesson say a virtual “hello” between the parent / carer, teacher  and young person so they can see you and know that the lesson is taking place.
  • If a child is home alone, depending on their age, this could be a safeguarding concern and the teacher will report this accordingly