Electric & Steel String Guitars

Partnered with Sheffield Children's University
Sheffield Children's University
Specialist Music GroupsRed Tape Central

Location - Red Tape Central

Day - Mondays
Time - 5.30-6.30pm  
Price - Category B
Age - Year 6+

Director: Conor Morton

This group is for young people who have been playing the guitar for a little while and are ready to progress to an intermediate level on electric and steel string guitars. A great opportunity to meet and play with like-minded musicians while making musical progress in a fun and welcoming environment!

You will need to bring a guitar with you to this group. Please get in touch with the director at conor.morton2@sheffield.gov.uk if you need guidance on obtaining a guitar.

Price Band B - attend any group in price band A and B (as many as you wish) for £77 a term or £216 per year

To join this group sign up online at least 24 hours before the first attended rehearsal.

Please note we only accept new members into this group in the first half of every term (e.g. September to October, January to February, April to May).

Sheffield Music Hub Safeguarding Front Sheet.

Red Tape Central
50 Shoreham Street
S1 4SP