Liam Power (Drums)

Hi, I’m Liam, and I’m a Music Leader specialising in drums and percussion! 

My musical journey started at a young age, learning various instruments during primary school years, including having descant recorder lessons with Nigel Martin, who is now my colleague!  At High School, I was roped in to play trombone (which I still do), but in Year 8, I finally was able to begin learning the drums properly, which was what I’d always wanted, rather than air-drum along to my favourite music at home! 

I was lucky to have lessons in school with a teacher from my local Music Service, who inspired me a great deal, along with the main two music teachers in my school, who offered several opportunities to play in different kinds of ensembles. 

I currently play in my main rock band, Servers, who have released four albums, and toured all over the UK.  I was initially asked to cover as a stand-in for their previous drummer, at short notice, and eventually ended up with the job permanently!  I also play in Bramley Brass, where I can do anything from cover percussion to any of the lower-brass instruments and conducting!  I have got vast experience in jazz, funk, soul, pop, and musical theatre settings, and have played in venues all across Europe. 

In September 2022, I was asked to take over the leadership of The City of Sheffield Youth Festival Band, which is the senior wind/concert band at the Music Hub.  This has been a real privilege, and the band get to take part in exciting tours, including to Paris in 2014, and Leipzig in 2018. 

My philosophy to learning drums is that it should be fun, most of all!  I am happy to tailor the lessons to suit those who want to learn for fun, progress through graded exams, want to take music at College/University, or are taking GCSE/BTec/A-Level Music, and need support preparing performances.  Learning is a lifelong endeavour, and I sometimes even take occasional lessons from respected professionals, such as Steve White (The Style Council, Paul Weller), to improve my own skills and practice.

Please do get in touch if I can help with anything, and I look forward to meeting you soon! 

  • Favourite song/piece of music – Elysium by Hans Zimmer/Lisa Gerrard, from the Gladiator Soundtrack; very relaxing! 
  • Favourite thing to do outside of work – taking my young daughter to the park. 
  • Favourite food – anything Italian! 
  • Favourite place in Sheffield – Norfolk Heritage Park. 
  • One thing about me that would surprise you to know - I have a very keen interest in history, especially the two world wars, and particularly to do with the RAF (I have a few family members who have served in the air force!). 

Director of: City of Sheffield Festival Band

Hints and Tips

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Liam Power (Drums)