Senior Double Reeds

Partnered with Sheffield Children's University
Sheffield Children's University
Specialist Music GroupsAll Saints Catholic High School

Location - All Saints Catholic High School
Day - Thursdays 
Time – 6.15pm-7.15pm  
Price - Category C 
Grade - 4+

Director: Dawn Allenby

If you are looking for a group that is all things double reed, then look no further than this group!

Established in 2013, the Senior Double Reeds welcomes players of the oboe and bassoon with their unique sound. Our group of oboists and bassoonists learn all types of music. Classical music is not our only niche, with some memorable performances of pop (Teenage Dirtbag), TV and film classics (Muppet Show, Disney Fantasia) and jazz standards (Pink Panther). We have played in some amazing spaces – Sheffield City and Birmingham City Hall, the Octagon and events - Music for Youth festival.

As a small, friendly group, we challenge and foster musical confidence and encourage members to learn other rare double reed instruments like the cor anglais and contra bassoon.

Entry is via audition. 

Advanced – grade 4 and above.

Bassoons and Oboes only

Price Band C - attend any group in price band A, B and C (as many as you wish) for £90 a term or £255 per year

Please apply online and we will contact you in regards to auditioning.

Sheffield Music Hub Safeguarding Front Sheet.

All Saints Catholic High School
Granville Road
S2 2RJ