Tom Warner (Drums)

My name is Tom, and I’ve been a drum tutor for around 11 years, and drumming for 17. I have a Bachelors and a Masters degree in music, and like to focus on the language of music and how to apply it to the real world, teaching employable skills behind the drum kit, and how to adapt to any style of music. I love teaching, and my main goal with all my students is to build confidence and expression; the two most important aspects of being a musician in my opinion!

I am in two bands; one is a funk, soul and pop wedding band, and the other is a power metal band. I tend to play everything I can get my hands on, and I always enjoy a challenge, but my absolute favourite styles to play are jazz fusion and jazz funk. I have taught at the Stax Music Academy in Memphis as an ambassador for my university and met some global legends whilst I was there and have done all my big touring around in my early 20’s. I settled in to teach, record and write music from 2015 full time.

  • My favourite song of all time is Lone Digger by Caravan Palace, and I play video games to unwind as well as study kung fu. 
  • My absolute favourite food of all time is pizza, whether it is restaurant or take away.
  • My favourite place to get it is Rossi’s on London Road.
  • One thing I do outside of music, is that I own a board and card games company, and our first game is currently being designed.‘