Kate Shipway (Voice)

My name is Kate and I am a choir leader and singing teacher. I have been singing all my life. My mum used to sing with my brother and I before we were even born. I have sung in choirs since the age of four and have always been in a choir since then. I started conducting when I was 16 but didn’t have my own choir to conduct until I was 22. When I was a teenager I played viola in Bolton Youth Orchestra and flute and percussion in several concert bands as well as singing in Bolton Youth Choir. In one concert, I was playing percussion in a piece called Sleighride and I had the slapsticks to make the sound of the whip. I slapped them together and a massive shard of wood flew off in the direction of the trombone players who had to dive out of the way!

I work for Sheffield Music Hub part time leading singing in schools and choirs and teaching singing. I also run several choirs and ukulele groups for adults. I love the variety of working with children and adults and one of the things that brings me most joy is getting a group of people to sing together. I have two ukuleles, one is called Wilson and the other is called Ivan.

Quick Fire Questions

  • Favourite song/piece of music – September by Earth Wind and Fire
  • Favourite thing to do outside of work – go to Betty’s for cinnamon toast
  • Favourite food – impossible question to give only one answer to, but I do HATE beetroot
  • Favourite place in Sheffield – the Walled Garden in Hillsborough Park in the spring
  • One thing about me that would surprise you to know – I enjoy open water swimming and have even been in December
Kate Shipway (Voice)