Jonathan Lazell (Keyboard/Piano)

Hello! I am one of the Music Leaders specialising in Piano/Keyboard and I am also the accompanist for two of our Junior Voices choirs, plus Youth Voices choir. I started lessons when I was aged 8 and have always really enjoyed playing the piano. After finishing school I gained a degree in Music from the University of Sheffield and also an LTCL Piano Recital diploma from Trinity College of Music London. In my free time I love exploring new music on the piano and am also accompanist for three different adult choirs. I also often play the organ on a Sunday in one of the chapels in the city; if you haven’t heard an organ before, they are worth checking out!

Some things about me…

  • Favourite song/piece of music: This is really hard to answer as there is so much music I like! However I am currently really enjoying listening to the playing of pianist Martino Tirimo.
  • Favourite things to do outside work: I really enjoy being outdoors in nature and taking in the great scenery we are lucky to have in Sheffield.
  • What is your favourite food: Anything vegetarian!
  • What is your favourite place in Sheffield: Bradfield.
  • Tell us one thing about you that would surprise us to know… In the past I have been a presenter on a local community radio show!

Hints and Tips

All of our Music Leaders 'Hints and Tips' can be found on our YouTube channel

Jonathan Lazell (Keyboard/Piano)