Cathy Bennett (Strings)

Hello my name is Cathy and I am a Music Tutor at Sheffield Music Hub. I teach the double bass and deliver whole class singing sessions in primary schools. From 2020 - 2023, I worked at the hub as a Trainee Music Leader, a role I undertook as part of my BA Music Education degree at the University of Sheffield.

I have played double bass since I was 12 and love playing in orchestras. At university I was the president of the Sheffield University Symphony Orchestra society and I now play with Hallam Sinfonia. I also specialise in folk music, having grown up as part of the folk scene in Cornwall. Here in Sheffield I work for Soundpost and run a Folk Factory group at Newfield Secondary school. I also perform as a solo folk singer and viola player and as part of my vocal harmony trio, Arbrervyn.

Some things about me...

Favourite song/piece of music: There’s a track by a Cornish folk band Dalla called “Tansys Golowan” which I really love!

Favourite thing to do outside of work: I enjoy playing folk music and knitting

Favourite food: Roast potatoes with lots of gravy

Favourite place in Sheffield: Bole Hills, the perfect location to eat chips and watch the sunset

One thing about me that would surprise you to know: I am a Morris Dancer!