Instruments: Clarinet and Violin

Jemimah began her music journey playing the violin at the age of 8 and the clarinet at age 9. She played in a number of wind bands and orchestras, including the High Wycombe Youth Orchestra, with the High Wycombe Music Centre. 

Highlights include playing at the Royal Albert Hall in London and for the Queens Golden Jubilee in Marlow. She has also played in quartets for weddings and began teaching at an early age.  As a violin and clarinet teacher, with a Primary School Teacher Qualification and a Speech Therapy degree, she is experienced teaching/working with children and particularly enjoys getting little ones started off on an instrument and inspiring them into the world of music!  

She teaches violin and clarinet in a number of schools in the North of Sheffield.  On the side she paints as an artist and occasionally combines music and art to great effect!

Jemimah Lipka