The National Plan for Music Education

A shared vision for Music Education                                                                                                                                                       

The National Plan for Music Education - "The Power of Music to Change Lives: A National Plan for Music Education"

Important information for Schools and dates for special briefing sessions. 

In June 2022, the government published a new National Plan for Music Education. It builds on the original 2011 plan ‘responding to the change of the last 11 years and recognising that more needs to be done to support teachers, leaders, schools, trusts and Hubs to deliver the best for children and young people’. 

Sheffield Music Hub welcome the refreshed vision ‘To enable all children and young people to learn to sing, play an instrument and create music together, and have the opportunity to progress their music interests, including professionally’, with children and young people including a focus on early years settings, and a strong narrative about progression through school into a life – long appreciation and / or professional career in music. 

The recent national plan for music education clearly articulates a bold ambition for music in schools and a refreshed relationship between music hubs and schools.

You can see the full National Plan here 

A helpful executive summary for schools written by Sheffield Music Hub Board Member and president elect of the Music Teachers Association Catherine Barker.

Music Marks full list of collated resources can also be found here.

Ian Naylor, Head of Music Education Sheffield outlines key points in the new plan for schools and a call to action. Headlines are:

  • All schools should have a music development plan.
  • All schools should deliver a weekly, quality and progressive music curriculum (following the government published model music curriculum or equivalent).
  • Children should have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and progress.
  • The Hub must report back to the Department for Education on the progress schools are making with their music development plan and an outline of the breadth of the curriculum delivery in schools.

The Music Hub have devised a template Music Development Plan self assessment tool to support schools.

Sheffield Music Hub Schools’ Self Evaluation and Music Development Plan

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