Recorded Media for Children and Young People

At Sheffield Music Hub, we take photographs and videos and record performances to help us celebrate the fantastic work that is being created by children and young people.

You may be aware that we’ve not be able to celebrate these achievements over the last year or so whilst we got our ducks in a row to ensure that our use of pictures both safeguards our children and young people and is compliant with new regulations. We are delighted that with help from our colleagues in Sheffield City Council we now have a solution which is compliant and importantly will enable us to share the achievements of our children and young people. You can see the details of the new process below:

From now on, you will no longer be required to provide consent for your child to be recorded in ensemble musical activities. This is because we can lawfully undertake processing (i.e., filming and audio recording) as a “personal data controller” if it is in the legitimate interests of the Music Hub.  The legitimate interests of the Music Hub are to:

  • Document and record activities
  • Record progress and achievements
  • Document special events
  • Promote Music Hub activities.

We can do this so long as it does not override the rights and freedoms of the people we film and audio record. We have published a Legitimate Interests Assessment on our website.

What do you need to do?

No action is required from parents/carers. However, you should read our privacy statement and understand your information rights.

We are making you aware that all children who participate in any Music Hub activities (e.g. events, concerts, workshops etc.) could be recorded and their image used by us as required. This also means that unless there is an announcement to the contrary, audience members themselves will also be able to record activities for family purposes.

We are mindful that some families may have personal reasons for protecting their child’s identity. If you have personal circumstances, either now or at any time in the future, which would affect your child being recorded, please let us know immediately by emailing us, even if you have previously contacted us about this.

Please also be re-assured that the Music hub will never use the name of a child alongside an image without permission. We include the safe use of cameras and images as part of our Safeguarding Policy, which can be viewed on our website under “About Us”, where you can also view our privacy statement.