Music Lessons - Terms and Conditions

  • All communication regarding lesson details will be provided directly from the Music Leader at the start of term. All future payment requests will be sent out via email using The Sheffield City Council E-payment facility.
  • If you have paid for your child to have a 20 minute shared lesson this will only be applicable if there are enough applicants for the scheme.  Alternatives can be offered through discussions with the Music Leader including individual lessons for either 20 or 30 minutes.  If any of these options are not suitable then a full refund will be given.
  • 34 lessons are offered over a three term academic year and will be arranged by your music teacher and school.
  • Lessons will be invoiced over the year in advance of lessons starting. Non-payment of fees will lead to the withdrawal of tuition.
  • Free Trials are not available. The minimum commitment is one term.
  • Lessons missed by pupils due to exams, school trips, short term illness, emergency closure of school, pandemic, flooding, snow etc. will not be made up or refunded.
  • If a child develops a long term illness or condition that creates a substantial gap in their tuition this will be progressed for a refund (upon management approval)
  • Children will need to come out of class during the school day for their lessons. It is expected children will catch up with their learning as agreed by the class teacher.
  • Sheffield Music Hub staff are not responsible for escorting children to and from lessons. Your child's school is responsible for pupils outside the actual lesson time.
  • Sheffield Music Hub does not accept liability for loss or damage to pupils instruments or personal possessions. 

Bursaries are available to help towards the cost of Music Lessons for families who qualify for one of the following: 

  • Free school meal eligibility
  • If not in receipt of Universal Credit (eligibility and information here) one of the following:
    • Income support       
    • Income based Job Seekers Allowance
    • Working tax credit, (where annual income is below £16,190)

Our bursaries cover 50% of the cost of a shared lesson, and where applicable 50% of the instrument hire fee.  Places are limited and are allocated on a first come first served basis to families who qualify for one of the above: Supporting evidence is to be supplied with the application; a place will only be allocated on receipt of this supporting evidence.

We also offer a SEN bursary for children and young people with special needs who may benefit from a longer lesson. In order to qualify for this bursary please enclose a letter from your child’s Headteacher confirming that your child has special needs and would benefit from longer lessons. You do not need to qualify for the points above.

Children or young people registered as 'Looked After' qualify for full bursaries.  Please provide written documentation that the child in your care is registered as looked after alongside your application.

Please note you will need to check on the specific start date directly with the school or music teacher.  Secondary school lesson times will be displayed on the school’s music department noticeboard.  For further information please contact us.

You should also read our privacy statement and understand your information rights.