Would you like to feature in our social media posts?

Published on 01/08/2020

We are looking for young introducers for our social media posts

  • Are you outgoing, confident and bubbly?
  • Do you learn an instrument or attend a music group through the Music Hub?
  • Would you like to feature on our YouTube videos and social media posts?

If so then read on!

We need fresh and vibrant videos that are short and to the point. We want you to use your own words mentioning the topics below:

  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel
  • Donate using the link in the comments
  • Follow us on Twitter @SheffMusic Hub
  • Like us on Facebook @SheffMusicHub
  • Check out our website for more info at www.sheffieldmusichub.org
  • Join a music group - sign up on our website -  tell us what you enjoy about the music groups?
  • Sign up to music lessons on our website -  tell us what you enjoy about your lessons?
  • Why do you love playing music?
  • What music means to you?

This list is to give you an idea of what we're looking for but you can adapt the above themes however you like. 

We also want videos submitting of students just saying one word so we can create a montage of musicians saying the same word:

  • Music
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Subscribe
  • Donate

You can send in 1 video or 50 - the more the better, we just ask that you follow the below guidance:

  • Videos need to be short - around 10 seconds or less
  • Video for a few seconds before and after you talk for editing purposes
  • Sound needs to be audible and words clear
  • Film in portrait mode (not landscape)
  • Lighting needs to be good - we need to see you!
  • Film from your chest to your head - no long shots please
  • Make sure nothing is in your background that shouldn't be (like washing on the radiator). Use a blank / colourful background or even go outside
  • Ask someone to film for you if you don't have anything to hold your device
  • You can wear what you like (within reason), fancy dress is optional :-)
  • You can include your instrument or not - it's up to you
  • Videos need to be sent to us from a parent/carers account

Once you have your clips you can email them to projectsteam@redtape.org, Whatsapp to 07896807708 or private message to our Twitter or Facebook accounts. 

Our students are some of the most creative children and young people in the city so let's see what amazing ideas they can come up with to show everyone why music is important.

By sending in your video you are giving us your permission to use it on our digital platforms. This video may be circulated widely on all social media platforms and on our website.
You can see details of how we will use your video in our privacy statement. We will not include the personal details of any participants in the final videos.