Musical Stars Programme

Published on 28/07/2020


Music means something to all of us and now, more than ever, all children and young people need it in their lives. Everybody deserves the opportunity to reach their musical potential and your donation to Musical Stars will help to transform a young person's life forever. Please help children to spread their musical wings and enrich the lives of all of us.

Every new Musical Star will receive:

A weekly 1-on-1 music lesson with a specialist teacher

Free instrument hire

Access to all Music Hub music groups taking place across the city

Dedicated support from industry and educational experts, providing additional guidance to empower young people in all aspects of their musical lives

The idea is that a young musician who is learning an instrument that inspires them and playing music they enjoy is much more likely to progress.

Feedback from participants; parents and teachers who are involved in the programme

Whilst he continues to grow musically and technically more adept, perhaps the most significant change has been in his general confidence and calmness in his own skin.

At first he wouldn't play his clarinet at home and was too shy to perform to the family, but now he wants to play to us all of the time.

Playing is fun. It's really fun. I didn't have a hobby before music but now I do.

People can be shy, but when you have music, you can develop your feelings and feel free.

At our first lesson, I asked her a bit about why she wanted to learn piano and what she hoped to achieve and she just sang me this song. It was her own music, her own words. That requires a lot of bravery. She comes across as quite shy and quietly spoken and yet she could do that. It was impressive.

Thank you for your support and generosity - The Friends of Sheffield Music Hub