Musical Stars Patron Scheme

Published on 22/06/2018

Has your child progressed through Music Hub Groups?

Do you believe music is a valuable addition both emotionally and educationally?

Do you believe every child should be given an opportunity at a musical life?

In Sheffield, hundreds of children put their instruments down due to reasons out of their control – financial, disability, cultural, lack of expectation and confidence. We don’t think that is right!

Help to stop children from being excluded from musical activity by sponsoring a child today.

One off donation

£20 would give a child an instrument to use for a term

£45 per term would allow a child to attend a Beginners’ Music Group

£60 would pay for a child to attend a 3 day intensive holiday course

£80 per year would give a child a space at Festival Choir

£750 donation would pay for an inclusive music education for a child for the year including a 20 minute individual lesson, music group membership, holiday courses and instrument hire.

To make a one off donation click here

Monthly Sponsorship

You can make a monthly payment of £5/£10/£15/£20 and sponsor a Musical Star. We will let you know about the progress and difference you are making to the children and you will be invited to watch the Musical Stars perform at the end of the year!

To sponsor a child please click here