Music Hub Shortlisted for Award

Published on 05/11/2018

Our Primary School Singing Support Pack has just been shortlisted for a Music Teacher Award for Excellence in the category of Outstanding Music Education Product!

The Support Pack, which we launched in September 2017, gave every primary and special school in Sheffield a Songbook of 6 specially selected songs, supported by digital resources to make singing teaching accessible and easy for all teachers. 

Events throughout the year gave schools, children and families the opportunity to sing these songs together in school, as well as in events such as the Halle concert and our Open Air Big Sing as part of Music in the Round’s May festival.

The idea, which we dreamt up in partnership with Out of the Ark Music, has been so groundbreaking that other Hubs around the country are now releasing their own packs: Our Singing project Coordinator Pete has been to provide teacher training in both Nottinghamshire and Barnsley to launch their packs!

Sheffield Music Hub’s vision is forward thinking and dedicated to giving every child access to the highest quality music education – which includes the opportunities for every child to sing regularly as part of school life.  It’s really exciting to see our work recognised nationally through the Music Teacher Award for Excellence!

In October we launched our second year Singing Support Pack, which helps schools make an assessment of what areas they want to work on to develop the opportunities they give to their pupils.  And we’re already discussing what year 3 will look like!  Exciting times!