Junior Voices - Get Involved!

Published on 15/02/2024

Junior Voices

The Junior Voices choir network is made up of three choirs. Please click the links to sign up. Choose a location that suits you!

Each of these choirs forms a piece of a larger musical puzzle. During performances, they shine individually and collectively as part of the expansive Junior Voices network, bringing together children from all three choirs.

Music is there for us no matter what the situation. It is there to cheer us up, make us want to dance and sing or to distract us from everything around us; music has the power to help you soldier on and Junior Voices is the place to do it! 

Our choir is completely inclusive, and we work hard to make sure we meet all of the needs of the children who join us. If you have any specific needs, please do let us know and we will discuss with you how best to help. If you would like to talk to us about how the choir works, please contact Kate 07825 034939 or email kate.shipway@sheffield.gov.uk

But why join a choir?

Musical Benefits

Singing in a choir improves your innate musicality. It helps develop your musical ear, enabling you to fine tune intonation. You will also find that your sight-reading comes on in leaps and bounds, and you will develop a much deeper understanding and appreciation of harmony.

Singing in a choir will also help build your musical confidence. Even if you think you can’t sing, being given permission to make a noise as part of a group can see your confidence grow rapidly.

Health and Wellbeing

Singing as part of a choir creates a sense of belonging. It also brings enormous emotional benefits, promoting good mental health.

A proper singing session is a wonderful workout for the lungs. The actions of warming up, breathing deeply, and opening the diaphragm all oxygenate the blood, creating more white blood cells, which strengthens the whole body. The breathing rate slows and deepens, releasing endorphins and increasing a profound sense of well-being.  All this lung action reduces the chance of illness and is excellent for people who suffer asthma. Singing also improves your posture and tones your stomach muscles – a strong core supports the spine so your body will be less prone to injury as you age.