Junior Ambassadors for Music - new tops!

Published on 30/04/2024

The tops for our recently formed Junior Ambassadors for Music (JAMs) have arrived so you'll now be able to see some of the junior ambassadors walking around in green!

For anyone who doesn't know who the Junior Ambassadors are. These students are here to help make  our music groups more welcoming and friendly. They help out by:

  • Welcoming new young musicians to our music groups.
  • Showing other students where to go if they are lost.
  • Helping children voice their opinions.
  • Checking on other members of their group to make sure they are okay.
  • Collecting youth voice for us to help us improve our music groups and concerts.

So please, if you are new to our music groups have a look out for the JAMs and ask them for any help you might need!

And a huge thank you to the @smhfriendsandv1 for funding these tops, helping us in our ambitions to make our ensembles as accessible, inclusive and trauma informed as possible. Also, thank you to all who have donated to the Friends and Volunteers as this wouldn't be possible without you!