Cities of the Word - The Halle Schools Concerts

Published on 17/10/2023

10:45am concert sold out! Seats available for 1pm concert

FRIDAY 8 MARCH 2024, 10.45am and 1pm

A themed concert for schools showcasing different cities across the world, these concerts blend music from London to New York, across to Beijing and beyond. During the concert, the young people learn about key elements of music and the symphony orchestra. Each concert includes a large screen with live-stream footage, enabling the audience to see the instruments of the orchestra more easily.

There will be 2 concerts (10:45am and 1pm) designed for KS2 & KS3 the programme will include a song which all of the audience will join in with. There will be an FREE online CPD session to aid with your planning for this concert (date and time TBC).

The tickets are £5 for all attending (£7.50 for non Sheffield schools) please note there are no refunds available. With no limit being set you can bring as many classes as there is space for – last time a couple of schools brought the whole of KS2!

If you would like to book a place now to secure your preferred time (the morning concert is extremely popular and usually sell out first) then please complete the online booking form.

Please book your place by Friday 16 February 2024.

Running time approximately 70 minutes.